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A strong corporate identity gives you the platform to send a clear message to your clientele. Icon can create this identity for you. We identify your company’s strengths and develop a unified logo and marketing package that solidifies a unique brand for your business.

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9.11 | Dani Kelley Joins
the Icon Team...

We are pleased to announce
the addition of Dani Kelley to
the Icon team as a Graphic/Web Designer. Dani specializes in identity design, copywriting/ editing and web design. Welcome, Dani!

4.11 | Cell Journal Illustration...
Icon Graphics has been awarded the front cover design of Cell Magazine for the April 15, 2011 issue.readmore

4.11 | Happy Easter...
Happy Easter from all of us
at Icon Graphics!

12.10 | Happy Holidays...
Happy Holidays from all of us
at Icon Graphics!

6.10 | Blues Fest 2010...
For the last 15 years Icon has designed the look and feel of the Blues Fest based on the art from the winner of the annual Washington County Arts Councilís contest.

5.10 | Interns...
Icon would like to welcome two new interns to the team.

1.10 | Icon Moved...
Donít worry, weíve only moved one block up the street. Please feel free to stop by our new office anytime.

9.09 | Fresh look for Icon...
We recently updated our website to give it a more up-to-date and modern look...

7.09 | Become a fan...
Check out our Facebook page
and join our fan club. Read about the latest and greatest happenings at Icon as well as updates from our team...

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